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Mixing prints and patterns is more of an art than a science. It definetly needs time, a trained eye and (of course) a lot of practice. I know you’re thinking that it is easier said than done but fortunately there are some simple guidelines or «golden rules» that will make your life much easier when it comes to add printed touches to any outfit.


The first “must know formula” is that leopard has been always considered a neutral print. So… Yes! It means you can pair it with nearly any other print or pattern: stripes, plaid, other animal prints and even polka dots or tropical bold illustrations will look good.

«Leopard print has always been considered a neutral therefore it can be mixed with almost everything»


1. Play it safe with small accessories.

Break up any neutral color-blocked outfit by using small printed accessories: Scarves, flats, belts or clutches are a good and safe start. 


2. Get a trendy look.

Take the risk with larger leopard-print pieces; dresses, t-shirts, skirts or pants are allowed. In case you feel like a safari guide… try to change the vibes by wearing leopard in modern color combos and keep those shades to match the whole outfit.


3. Wearing Leo like a pro.

Get creative. Pick three different patterns and voilà! Your outfit will turn heads. Just make sure you choose all pieces in the same tonal range so they look harmonious and classy.


  • Try not to mix two different leopard prints; it might go overboard.
  • Small scale patterns pair well with large ones. Keep that in mind when choosing your pieces.
  • Clashing leopard with floral, gingham, other animal prints and stripes is a safe bet.

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