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(+34) 645 134022


Call or write us if you have any questions, we are happy to help! 


I had a crush on one of your products but now it’s sold out. Do you have another exactly the same?

All our products are individually hand-painted and handcrafted so there will never be two that are the same. There might be similar pieces or we can make a customized order inspired by the one you liked, but please note it will be just similar – not exactly the same.

Do you do custom orders?

Yes. Almost all the pieces I make are suitable for customization and I particularly like to work on making your ideas come true! Here you have more information about bespoke orders. If you have further questions, please contact us.

Can I visit your studio?

Yes! You are welcome. Since the studio is a very small place… be sure to book an appointment before stopping by. We are located in Sternschanze, Hamburg – Germany. In case you are curious, here you have a virtual studio tour.

I live abroad. Do you ship internationally?

Yes! You can find the locations and price rates here.

Can I sell your products in my Store?

Oh! I’m flattered! Thanks for thinking about my art and products 🙂 Please send an email to with more information including: a link to your website, a breve description of your store, the location, as well as some details about other brands you stock. 

Would you like to collaborate with us?

Yes, sure! I would love to! Let’s talk about it. Please send an email to and tell me more! BTW: Here you can find some of our most recent collabs.

Do you ever have sales?

Yes, we do! We communicate them through our social networks. Our followers and subscribers receive early access and special deals. Join our newsletter or follow us to keep up with our latest news.