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These are our main guidelines and tips to keep your bags in perfect condition for as long as possible:


1. Keep your bag hanged is the best way to preserve its shape better. If you store it in a shelf, keep it stuffed and place it upright or flat lay.

2. Do not leave any piece under direct sunlight or in extreme heat conditions. This may alter the paint causing slight marks on the inside of the PVC cover.

3. If paint marks appear, clean the cover using a soft cloth and few drops of lavender or other essential oil.

4. Bags can face rainy days thanks to the PVC cover, but please keep them as dry as possible. If water reaches the paint, remove the cover and let dry flat.

5. Never submerge pieces in water. To clean the outside use a soft damp cloth.

6. Avoid placing your bags under heavy objects or near to materials that may rub the surface.

«Keep your bag hanged is the best way to preserve its shape better»



Below you’ll find some additional recommendations to take care of recycled suede in your bags:

1. We suggest to apply a waterproofing spray to protect leather from stains and water.

2.  To clean use a suede eraser or a stiff brush and always brush the surface in one direction.

3. Avoid heating. It may shrink or fade the leather.


All handbags are made of original artworks and should be treated as such 🙂